Facebook Posts By Others – Pre-Moderation, Draft and Pre-approval #SocialMedia

How to pre-approve and moderate content by Fans & Others on your Facebook Page. Step by step. Hiding and showing content and posts on social media for social media managers.

Given the new laws (Business have to manage comments and posts by customers), this might be useful? Want to pre-approve posts by fans before they publish on your Facebook Page? Worried that trashy spam or incorrect information will diminish your brand? I’ve put together how to set up premoderation. It’s a really common question and though its been around since 2012 I think, easy to get confused.

Suggestion. Click the cog (after starting video) and play in HD to see screen clearly. And Full Screen!

Steps to PreApprove a Facebook Post by Others

Go to Edit Settings->Settings->

FB hide posts by others

Now go to Activity Log -> Posts by Others ->

FB user Activity Log

Then manually publish the posts you want to approve.

FB Posts by Others - individual

You can also manage Comments here. But as far as I’m aware, you can only post-moderate comments (auto publish then remove if necessary).

Note that default flips between published/draft whereas approved/unapproved retains it value no matter what setting in Edit Settings. Also, you can reverse this (publish everything then selectively remove).

I’ve got an ADVANCED Facebook Training course in April (bring your laptop, small group) if you’d like hands on training.

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  1. Sometimes, Facebook page owner moderated the posts by visitors or members in order to get only the positive comments. Once, there’s a negative comment the admin delete it or subject for review if it is good to remain it in the wall.

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