Facebook Pages auto-tweeter

Facebook now updates Twitter.

if you are an admin, you can now post up stuff on Facebook that appears concurrently on Twitter

Today, we are releasing a feature called the Twitter exporter tool for Facebook Pages. The Twitter exporter tool allows Facebook Page administrators to automatically syndicate content and information they publish on Facebook to Twitter without leaving Facebook.com.
facebook_twitterAfter adding the feature, status updates, links, photos, notes and event creations will be exported automatically and will immediately update the Facebook Page administrator’s corresponding Twitter account.
Twitter was a natural next step to link to Facebook Pages because it’s a powerful tool for broadcasting short message widely.  Posts from Facebook Pages are already public to everyone on Facebook and, with this feature, now will be public to everyone on Twitter. Facebook Page administrators will be able to turn off the application for their Page anytime they choose.

For more detailed information on the Twitter exporter tool for Facebook Pages, please check out the Australia and New Zealand Media Group.

From Facebook newsletter. Cross cross cross promote into communities. Heh.

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