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Facebook News Ban of Media and Government for Australians

Why did the Government list their own Pages as News Pages to Facebook? And other interesting #FacebookNewsBan questions answered. Sort of.

I’ve been covering new media bargaining code in my Monday Social Media News lives, multicast at 10:45am Sydney time on Facebook, YouTube, Twitter/Periscope and LinkedIn Live but today the other shoe dropped. #FacebookNewsBan !!!

In my livestream I cover how Facebook already pays Media, that the mandatory part is paying for people seeing a headline and thumbnail in their newsfeed?!, why Government is banned on Facebook (spoiler alert: they listed their own Pages as news/media?!)? and I try not to rant about how Murdoch’s own investments including in Bing are driving this agenda.

Resources on Facebook News Ban

newsagent magazine covers
If you walk by, kerching!

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