1. I just looked up Facebook in Hitwise and Nielsen after reading your post. Looks like the average Facebook user spends over 180 minutes per month on the site. This is up from just under 80 minutes. So not only are there twice as many users, they are spending twice as much time…

    Amazing, especially since I’ve barely logged into Facebook in recent months!

  2. … I think the early adopters are on Twitter. Which means Facebook is just starting with the mainstream 🙂

  3. I think it was Clay Shirky that said a technology doesn’t get interesting until it’s boring.

    Perhaps Facebook has hit that boring stage?

  4. yes it was 🙂

    Myspace average age is now 35 year old women – hence Mothers Day campaigns and luxury brands moving in (Tiffanys).

    Facebook average age is steadily rising.

    Anyway, FB is boring – non-nutritious applications like Zombies and Vampires. Not enough rich apps like Scrabulous. No real synchronous communication. Profile and friends list based, not terribly useful for groups. Etc.

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