Some Australians have been invited to use Facebook Lite and have asked me what it is. I had no clue and said “Twacebook”? ie. something that changes Facebook from a social network jam packed with apps and games and albums to a simpler Twitter like feed.

I only had half the story. It’s a simpler version yes. But for countries without broadband. Which begs the question – why Australia?

Last night we received a number of emails about a new version of Facebook that a number of users were “accidentally” invited to. Dubbed “Facebook Lite”, the service is a faster loading version of Facebook, meant to make it easier to digest your feed and consume basic Facebook applications. While there is no word on whether or not Facebook will enable platform applications, it’s clear that Facebook wants to make the site easier to use for those that don’t have fast connections.


Testing of the service is currently taking place in India and other areas of the world which don’t have access to broadband. (from AllFacebook)

Stephen Conroy should be deeply profoundly embarrassed that Australia is offered the “lite” version due to poor broadband speeds. Hell we all should be embarrassed…

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