1. I totally agree with value to the member first, advertiser second. It would really be safer to just choose what you want to like and not like anything your friends would recommend or suggest, if you are after the personalized customer experience. But, I guess it would be far better to not like anything at all if you don;t want to be stalked!

  2. Ticky question isn’t it? If you are a business this sounds cool, it sounds more viral and more people will get to know about your but from the personal point of view Where is our privacy? Sometimes we are doing research on sites that we don’t necesarily support and we do not want to be related to them. As we have discussed in a previous post we have to be careful with our public image. Facebook fascinates me (from the marketing perspective) but I have the feeling that there is a fine line between liking it and hating it. MZ should be careful on the consequences for people on making public anything you do on the web, at least we are the ones who should decide what we want to make public or not and not many people who are not involved in social media as a subject to study understand. What do you think?

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