Let’s say you want to see just the status updates of a group or list of friends on Facebook. Perhaps you want to ignore work folk and just see your family’s statuses.  How do you do that? It’s a feature that Facebook had and then I thought they had lost. But apparently not – I found it again!

In 2009, I gave some detailed instructions on how to set up a list and then view the newsfeed of that list. As usual, the minute I do that, Facebook changes it’s website. Ah well, I found it again.

  1. When you confirm a friend, click Add To List. Or go to “Friends” on the top tab, and start adding friends you’ve already go to lists. I suggst lists like (taking them from the new Google Plus One Circles) Family, Friends, Acquaintances, and I also use location ones – Singapore, Adelaide etc.
  2. Now go to your newsfeed (Facebook.com – the main page) – but click on “Most Recent” downward arrow. Then select the List.

Unlike Twitter lists, you can’t use Facebook Lists to mine others’ social networks e.g. you won’t see “Real Estate” or “Authors” lists created by others. But at least you can check on specific groups when you want to. Like Clay Shirky sort of said, there is no such thing as too much information, just filter failure.

Thanks to @AndrewLitvak for the prompt 🙂