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  1. Email from Shel Israel in it’s entirety cos Blogger sucks at making commenting (you click on “0 comments”) accessible.

    I am unable to open Comments on your Facebook Post. If I could I would have posted the following:

    You are my friend Laurel, although we have never met and are probably unlikely to meet in the real, tangible face-to-face sort of way, but not on FaceBook. I stopped adding friends several months ago, because I only use FB for playing Scrabulous, one of my many online addictions. I think the Direct Marketers have gained control of FB so I moved on to Twitter.

    I think this is the blog post you made reference to: GLOBAL NEIGHBOURHOODS LINK (added by LP to stop overrun of long URL). When searching for something on the Internet, you might try a site called Google. I find it works pretty well.

    Laurel, if you can open comments, feel free to enter this one.

    I’ve heard of Google… that’s the search engine that returns me 38,492,865 sites when I just want ONE right? 😛 I couldn’t remember the code for searching a particular website – is it site:http ? – and gave up, Mr Smartypants. Heh.

    Odd you should say that about Direct Marketers. I don’t receive direct marketing on FB, though I am aware it’s right for plucking. However, I think Twitter is more open for abuse – couldn’t a bot spam @messages pretty quickly? Interesting to see what happens when Twitter comes on the radar of DMs and spammers.

    Incidentally, I don’t play Scrabulous online (though I like Scrabble offline). I suspect it’s because my usual real world shenanigans of sniffling and crying to be allowed to have a misspelt word allowed, won’t work online.

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