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The Facebook Classroom: 25 Facebook Apps That Are Perfect for Online Education

By Jessica Hupp

With so many students, teachers, and librarians on Facebook these days, the social media site has become somewhat of a platform, offering developers a way to create and share applications for education. This, of course, is great news for online education, as it provides all sorts of great tools designed to make learning and administration easier. Check out these applications that represent some of the ideal tools Facebook has to offer for online education.

For Students

These tools are great for making easy work of studying, research, and more.

  1. Books iRead: Share the books you’re reading, and see what others think of books with this application.
  2. DoResearch4me: This app makes it easy to gather information using your thesis statement, instructions, and more.
  3. Flashcards: With this application, you can create flash cards to help you study on Facebook.
  4. Wikiseek Search: Use this research tool to find Wikipedia articles and more through Facebook.
  5. SkoolPool: Get the lowdown on schools, online and otherwise, with this neat application.
  6. Rate My Professors: Find out what other students think of professors before you register for their class.

All 25 are here at Ross Monaghan (‘evil’ Ross from Deakin University, not the ‘good’ Ross), are you paying attention?