Facebook: Farmville is better than Sex

Farmville is better than sex. Don’t just take my word for it:

From FMyLifeOpens in a new tab. website:

Today, my husband and I were in bed, and just as I was about to finish he screamed, “Oh shit! It’s 4:15, my strawberries are gonna whither!!!!” and then jumped off me and went to check on his farm on FarmVille. An imaginary farm, on Facebook. FML

Love the 258 comments

What would you do if this guy was yours?

  1. Leave him?
  2. Build a better farm?
  3. Build a better farm and then leave him?

I vote number 3. Are our lives changing? It’s interesting to me that a few years ago, he’d be like, “gotta go now, the footy is on the telly”. People don’t change. Just their pathetic excuses do 😛 Or is social gaming somehow a different beast? Have we time shifted our television viewing just to be sucked into the false urgency of reaping crops? Ummm, you answer that, I’ve gotta go milk the cows and harvest the pineapples.

My farm is pretty sexy, no?

Laurel Papworth

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17 thoughts on “Facebook: Farmville is better than Sex

  1. HAHA..Sorry, but it's seriously a FML moment if tt happens. lol RT @SilkCharm: Facebook – Farmville is better than sex http://bit.ly/bpjR5W

  2. If you think Farmville is better than sex, maybe you’re just doing it wrong…

    I know different people use Facebook differently. My aim really is to minimise the applications as much as is humanly possible. (I did for a short while have a virtual puppy but when I realised how much time I was pouring into it, I decided it was probably better we parted ways.) For me, Facebook is all about people sharing thoughts and images and videos (ideally their own content) with each other. Infact at the prompting of some friends of Facebook I wrote a blog entry on how to hide annoying Facebook application notifications in your newsfeed. As I explained there:

    You can’t control which applications your friends are using. But that doesn’t mean you should be notified every time they find a sad virtual animal walking across their virtual farm…

  3. Ummm. Are you serious? I for one have never really got into farmville. I can however understand how it appeals to people. Nevertheless, I hate Zynga, and It’s immoral revenue streams.

  4. i play farmville too.. but not that stupid.. i can have sex with 10 girls b4 ever thinking if my crop gets withered or not.. problems like this actually comes from the “how u play the damn game” thing.. u just have to know when and how long to play it at a time.. u don’t exactly have to play it all day.. i play farmville only up to 10 minutes a day to burn some time when logging into facebook.. i’m a gamer so wtf.. i tried every single game i heard of.. just know your role..

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