1. I’m all for it. Listen away. Protects my family and friends.

    On a side note… What?! Google owns a patent in ambient noise?

    1. the patent says they can listen to your environment through your computer mics (music, tv on, arguments) and deliver ads against the background noise 🙂

  2. One of my main issues is the boundary at which governments or other parties should be allowed to monitor. If we provide access to Facebook conversations, should they be allowed to monitor all emails for keywords? Should they be allowed to monitor all phone calls without a warrant? Should they be allowed to track civilian movements with subdermal implants? I know the last part sounds crazy, but if we could track everyone we would know who is talking with known criminals and who is involved in any crime.

    In this case, Facebook’s saving grace is that it is the owner of the platform and data (including any messages you send) so it can provide them to LEOs.
    The other issue is the potential for misuse of information. We live in a relatively free state in terms of political discourse, but if the government decided to change it’s tune, could they start requesting the data and messages related to anyone who talked bad about the government? Could the government use it to track and harass people it doesn’t like? Or worse, could an individual with the right security clearance use it to stalk or harass someone (quis custodiet ipsos custodes)?
    I realise that the protection and safety of everyone is important, but sometimes we need to realise the difference between real protection and security theatre. The hassle and cost (in terms of money and rights) compared to the protection provided. If we wanted full protection, we would be subdermally chipped and tracked.
    Personally, I feel there must be reasons behind most crimes, either those of ideology (bombings, terrorism), those of need (mugging people to feed a family or habit) or those of mental illness. Perhaps we should work more on improving our safety nets to help those who feel they need to commit a crime of need, identify and treat those with illnesses or addictions and work to create a society that is open, friendly and willing to listen so people don’t feel they need to resort to terrorism to be heard or understood?

    1. Also my concern – in our case Australian citizens are being monitored by a foreign body (American Facebook) with foreign investors (Russian and Middle East from memory) and are acting as sovereign LEOs. Nothing to say another country’s agenda couldn’t be enforced in future including US … I wonder how Chinese and Middle Eastern members of Facebook feel about being so closely monitored. Quite a few companies incl Google have handed over personal info to those regions..

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