A woman tracks down one thief, calling  on Facebook friends to help  and another thief builds up a Fanpage, literally and metaphorically giving the finger to authorities.

Why do we resent social networking sites assisting China but cheer when they help British authorities? Is it because China is “bad” and Britain is “good”? Or veiled racism? Do value systems clash on different social networks because of the different communities (countries) they represent?  Don’t look at me, I don’t have the answers to – I just know that “right” and “wrong” have all sorts of grey areas. The ‘net loves grey. Everyone is an amateur lawyer.

A couple of New Year Cheer stories. Oh ok, not really.

Story #1 Woman retrieves stolen items by using Facebook.

Yes really. A woman, Carla Pillo Mote, had her bag and wallet stolen by a drunk guy at a bar. She asked the barman who the guy was (credit cards FTW!). Woman puts out an APB (All Point Bulletin, should be called ASB All Social Bulletin) on Facebook. They track the guy down, get into his apartment, retrieve goods, make friends on Facebook. Police relieved. You really have to read the full story at MediaBistro.

Story #2 Thief laughing at police while building Facebook Fanpage

For three months now, Craig ‘Lazie’ Lynch has been on the lamb (ed: lam?) from London authorities after escaping from a Suffolk Bay prison in September. The convicted thief has been using Facebook to taunt his pursuers, posting pictures of his various exploits — which include activities like sex and cooking.

You can follow his exploits here on Facebook. Also some anti-Craig Lynch pages.

This is for the HATERS out there who are starting up some fire with the fans about me hitting or robbing an old lady get a fuckin life you worthless shits, i got respect and haven’t touched or robbed an old lady. now move on and find a life ya shits

Such a charmer…

I am concerned about Facebook helping out the British police. Why do we cheer when social networking sites stymie the Chinese yet insist they help British/UK police? Is that raciscm? Or is it just that we have a different value system in different cultures/communities?  One rule for all, or two rules – one for those who we agree with and another for those who are different?

… and thus the New Year starts.