1. This is crap.

    There is no way to confirm receipt.

    There is no way to confirm identity and ownership of the account.

    They may as well toss the subpoena papers out the lawyers 30th floor office window and say….well it’s not our fault the defendant didn’t catch them.

    Serving notices regardless of how difficult is a matter of process that cant be just ignored for the sake of convenience.

    If someone is ‘evading’ being served then it’s up to the lawyers to be sneaky to serve rather than being lazy.

    This is something I would expect to hear about here in the USA no Australian law.

    Dean Collins

  2. @Dean, it’s not too bad – there’s always been methods of about that reliability for serving documents when nothing better is available. Compared with putting a notice in the newspaper or posting it on a board at the town hall, a Facebook private message has at least some chance of being received.

    Remember, too, that there’s oversight – you can’t just use this randomly, you have to convince a judge to permit it, that you’ve tried all the better methods first.

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