1. That’s what I think. No kid under age of 13 needs to be on facebook. but just deleting the accounts will probably not do it, that’s true. As most kids will be intelligent enough to just create a new account and lie about the age. I like that parent account thingy, but I doubt many kids will be interested in having a facebook account, if they know that their parents are reading all their stuff…

  1. I think it is completely naieve to think that kids don’t want (or need) to be on facebook. Facebook is a communication channel, it’s like saying kids under 13 shouldn’t be able to use the phone to call their friends.

    But should there be restrictions and monitoring – absolutely!

    I think by banning kids you are inviting far more bad things to happen as kids start creating accounts anyway with fake ages and fake names, but with real pictures.

    I think having a children’s account would allow kids to learn about the do’s and don’t’s of facebook. Like pocket money it will give them a chance to play in a paddling pool before they are launched into the ocean.

    I think your on the money laurel.

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