A press release I did through Porter Novelli/3 Mobile got picked up in Queensland:

Facebook and other social sites banned by many bosses

AUSTRALIAN bosses are more straitlaced than their European counterparts when it comes to allowing access to social networking websites.

An online survey of 1000 Australian employees found 55 per cent said their boss had banned sites such as Facebook and MySpace.

This compared with similar bans on 20 per cent of workers in Britain, 12 per cent in France, 11 per cent in Spain, 10 per cent in Germany and 6 per cent in Italy.

The online poll, by 3 Mobile Australia last October, also found the clampdown had led keen social networkers to use subterfuge.

Almost one in three (28 per cent) hid their screen from their boss so they could network undetected; almost one-in-four 18-to-24-year-olds said they shirked extra work to make time for social networking; and 17 per cent skipped lunch to justify work time spent networking.

A big majority (66 per cent) believed Facebook was for work as well as play and accepted work colleagues’ “friends requests”.

Social network commentator and blogger Laurel Papworth said companies were banning sites such as Facebook for the wrong reason.

“They’re confusing the ‘social’ in social network with ‘party’,” she said. “It’s really a ‘society’ network made up of friends, family but also vendors, clients, colleagues, industry experts, leading thinkers and mentors.”

Ms Papworth said social networking was not “skiving”.

“The use of social networks in the workplace is a reality and the best and brightest businesses will benefit from harnessing the potential of an ambitious, hyper-connected workforce,” she said.

Elizabeth Allen of The Courier Mail ( put it together.

The comments are fascinating. Most people believe that “you go to work to work”. Odd. It’s like the brainwashing is so ingrained they can’t conceive of a life where they can make their own decisions about contextual relevancy of how and when they consume information.  Anyway, you can comment at Courier Mail or over at Stephen Collins AcidLabs blog. Or even on Facebook itself – I created Companies that BAN Facebook and social networks – Australia about 18 months ago, to capture the names of companies that don’t trust their staff. That is, of course, assuming you work  somewhere where they treat you with a smidgen of respect.

I wish they’d ban World of Warcraft where I work. Of course, I work from… home.