Facebook: Fitness First Hate Group. Um I’m just social bookmarking this consumer anti-marketing group on Facebook which is not exactly supportive of Fitness First. For my non- Australian readers, Fitness First is a gym and fitness chain. Not only in Australia but this group (1,297 members, 1,298 when I join, in minute) is primarily Australian.

The fotos of the gross and dirty toilets at the gym were interesting – I decided not to post them here, in consideration of you, dear reader. :

Do tight shirt gelled-up wearing idiots bug you in your face giving free trials to Fitness First?
Do you receive phone calls from them time and time again asking if you’d like a free period of membership?
Did you end up signing your life away with them?
Do you stand in the gym and think, “are you for real?” when guys stand there looking at themselves with a smile and a wink?
Do you get annoyed when the personnel trainers say “well done!” to the largish person doing nothing but talking to them on an exercise bike?
Do you feel like a mass produced user who think losers with fitness first bags need to get a life?

If you answered yes to any of these questions or just read the above questions because you have nothing else to do, then welcome to the group. Hate is a very strong word I agree, but Fitness First deserves to be hated. They manipulate and turn an innocent person trying to be motivated in exercise into a money machine as they get locked into a contract that is way too long. It’s mean, just mean.

We can’t get out of the contracts yet, but we can certainly hate them for it!!

Here is the group on Facebook.