What happens when you get your creative WRONG in a Facebook Social Ad? Here come the 13 year olds! FYI I’m an idiot. 

Oh this is hilarious. Just to show I don’t always do the right thing in social media *coughs* have  a look at the analytics of Page Reach – I was advertising a 3 Day Intensive Advanced Course on Social Media: Facebook and Twitter etc.

Somehow managed to trigger the attention of 13 to 17 year olds. Gee I wonder what could possibly have done that?

Community Crew Logo

Hmm yep, I guess that would do it.

Ah well, I like my “corporate” logo for The Community Crew. I just have to find other images as well I guess. By the way, I advertised to over 18 year olds so not sure how the reach got to be so high for teens. REACH of course is FOAF (Friends of Friends). I guess their parents liked it, so they saw it in their feed?

Anyway, interesting? daft? all of the above? 😛