1. 200 million, 300 million, 100 million, 50,000. Who cares what the number is when you consider some people update their Facebook status multiple times a day, others once a week, others once a month, and thousands more are inactive.

    Ari Herzog’s last blog post..A Roundup of My Washington Week

    1. Those statistics are available. 175 million active members – active is updating monthly). 18 million update their facebook status updates daily. I suspect that the 280 million is the inactives or low actives too (less than once a month).
      And -for advertisers and marketers – 4 million become Fans (join fan pages) daily. But only 63 people have joined my Facebook SilkCharm Fan Page so far. 😛
      By the way, given that he was corrected back to 200 million and that the stats are updated every 25 million, I think actives are now 200 mill not 175.

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