Amazing news that Facebook –  footage from also amazing is that once again, we see information that a few years ago wouldn’t have made it far out of that room, now available on the ‘net.

Facebook should theoretically be crossing the 200 million users level tomorrow based on our estimates but according to Wei Zhu of Facebook, the number could be as high as 280 million. While speaking at a Facebook Tech Talk, Wei Zhu slips and says that the site has 250 million users if not 280 million users (I’ve included the video below). At that point a communications person (I’d assume) jumps in to correct him on the number to 200 million.

200 Million Facebook Users? from Nick O’Neill on Vimeo.

So is Mike Arrington’s suggestion that Facebook is understating their numbers by a huge sum accurate or was his take on it just linkbait? My guess it was linkbait since that’s how they roll and this time, they’ve baited the fish. Nothing like some old fashion speculating on a Friday night!

… deliberate slip, do you think? Or unintentional? I can see Wei Zhu making an error of judgement in the heat of the moment but whoever corrects him should’ve canned the discussion if it was still a secret, no?

Anyway, it was just a quick blogpost, before I head off to Singapore this afternoon. *waves* Oh and I’m still trying to find out about Twitter numbers for Australia. Most likely reputable sources will only say “around 3% of Twitter total” but we’ll see.