Will social media change how we commit events to history from now on?
From the About Page:

Ushahidi.com is a tool for people who witness acts of violence in Kenya in these post-election times. You can report the incident that you have seen, and it will appear on a map-based view for others to see. We are working with local Kenyan NGO’s to get information and to verify each incident.

What you can do is get the word out about Ushahidi so that it’s utilized to it’s full potential. This especially extends to talking to the people that you know who have seen things in Kenya and getting them to the site as well. You can also help by using the contact form to volunteer to help with the tracking and verifying of each incident.

Here’s some examples:

This is not about ‘media’ in the sense of promotional interviews on podcasts or cute howto videos on YouTube. It’s also not a bandwagon or a fad that we’ll get bored of when the next gadget comes along.

Social networks is changing the world. Not only the way we report, distribute and consume News, but allowing social news to shaped the world. Bring it on.

Here’s their widget by the way:

Report Acts Of Violence In Kenya

Hat tip: Rafiq in South Africa