Superduper stuff. Me ‘n Ajay ‘n the usual suspects err hosts of EEL chatting about the future of bio-informatics and GPS/Location Based Services, and the impact of virtual currency on economies. Futuristic stuff that is starting to happen today.

In this first show for 2008 Laurel Papworth is handed the reigns to drive the show and brings a guest Ajay Ranipeta to have a chat. Ajay talks about Bio Informatics while as usual everyone else goes off on other interesting tangents (Led by Laurel of course). Dave is missing for the first half of the show but joins later.

Imagine an electronic page for each species of organism on Earth available everywhere by single access on command. E.O. Wilson.
I talked about EOL – the Encyclopedia of Life, an amazing venture that came about because of one man’s vision E.O. Wilson, who won the TED Wish Prize. We need something like that here in Australia- it’s hard enough to get ventures off the ground that might one day have an ROI and that the VCs feel have legs and an exit strategy etc.
Try doing a project that is huuuuge and has humanitarian implications like EOL. Anyone know of one? (Australian?)

Anyway, we jibberjabber on about all that sort of good stuff. Have a listen and tell me what you think, hmmm?

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