… well, that’s what Naughty America: The Game website says.

I love the L.A. Weekly, mostly cos they are multi-device friendly. I know that you, dear reader, like to print out your newspaper article and read them the old way, but some of us really do use Palm Pilots, mobiles and wotnot to read our daily diatribe. Pass the Paddles is a journo blog on that site and today I found out about Naughty America: The Game. As I have no intention of doing my own research, here’s what Brian Gardiner has to say.

This massively multiplayer online game–albeit naughty–is exactly what America needs right now. I’m not concerned with ports, hunting accidents or little golden men. What I do care about is customizing my own virtual pubic hair, picking up random women at the “Vicious” bar, and taking them back to the ol’ love nest for some, you know, naughtiness. Thank you Safe Escape Studios–for this game and for your mysteriously sparse Web site For those of you out there who are also prone to naughtiness, I urge you to view the trailer.

And no, I’m not a prude, just scared I’ll get addicted.

Sex in an Online Game – IT’S ABOUT TIME! (that’s from their website, not my personal opinion). Game On!

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