WebDirections South 2007 has been announced:

Web Directions South 2007 will once again raise the bar for web conferences worldwide, with nearly 30 speakers, including a dozen internationals, and an even broader range of topics. We’ll still have the same emphasis on standards based web design and development, along with usability and accessibility, but there’ll also be a strong focus on emerging areas including

  • Designing and developing for the Mobile Web
  • Developing Communities and social networks
  • Rich Internet Applications
  • Startups

Plus, we’re introducing a whole new track focussing on strategic and management issues, such as building and managing great web teams, legal issues associated with accessibility and intellectual property, search engine optimization and more.

Mark September 25th to 28th in your diary, and subscribe to our RSS feed for news about speakers, workshops, social events and more, with places available from early May.

Wow! WebDirections 2007 already! Reminds me of Web2007 (the other name for Web 3.0, which is the other name for Semantic Web, which is the other name for Ontol ..Onto .. that Other Web). It’ll be interesting to see the transition from last year to this. I know I’ve changed – have you? I don’t know if I’m allowed to say yet that I’ve been invited to speak again or not … oops? :p Ah well, if John or Maxine yell at me, I’ll just pretend to cry and edit these two lines. See you there!

PS i would’ve loved to have slapped up a WDS07 Logo on here, but they hide it. I wonder why? Some very good technical reason no doubt. 🙂