1. Maybe. But there’s no point in preaching to the converted. And these guys are the ones who will ultimately win the Web 2.0 ‘corporate’ battle for us, unlikely though that may seem. Grassroots is all very well, but it will go easier once traditional (non media, non technical) corporates jump on board.

    Unless anyone else out there has a way of waltzing us into boardrooms around the country, we have to let CTO’s of major banking groups saddle up. Anyway I’m going to schmooze and cuddle with the VCs. 😛

  2. Oh no honey not you – this comment on my fundraising post about social networks not *giving*

    I can’t tell you how often I’ve been in a social network when people start to organise an ‘event’ around charity – fundraising or getting together offline to do a cycle/walk/jog/whatever, – or asking them to sign a petition. I’m still a little miffed. I don’t belong to selfish networks and it was disrespectful to imply that they are… grrr.

  3. Hey L, hope was not I who got ya ‘steaming mad’ 🙂

    I’m sure what you are doing and why is a good thing. The event just read like a yawn to me.

    Win a battle for us? I’m not waging any Web 2.0 battle, let alone ‘corporate’ one. Is there a battle? I thought it was more a matter that, in the immortal words of Bob, “they’d better start swimmin or they’ll sink like a stone”. More a passive takeover from the Edgelings than a battle.


  4. Westpac 2.0? Man someone should have told me! I work for Westpac in New Zealand as an Online Strategy Consultant at the moment and 2.0 is a huge battle………

  5. *pats half-geek on the head*
    we just did, you goose. Anyway, it’s in Sydney. Besides I missed it. 🙁 Anyone go? Was it any good? I’m going to be sitting here writing about co-creating mobile apps until dawn I reckon 🙁

    Someone come rescue me 😛

  6. I enjoyed it! Got a massive lead… tell you about that later Laurel.

    What impressed me was that the geeks there actually had some personality!

    Even more exciting was that hardcore techies are actually acknowledging user experience.

    Has the tide turned or am I still paddling a wire canoe uphill?

  7. Has the tide turned – yes, since about April I think. Last year I it was a struggle to get companies to do anything more than TALK to me about social networks and even then I had to promise them Tim Tams. MMMMMMM Tim Tams. Now I beat them off with a stick. Which they like. MMMMM Beatings with Sticks. 😛

    I thought the banking guy David Backley almost *got it* – NewsCorp were rabbiting on about Advertising (like that’s the way of monetizing social networks – *rolls eyes* – when there’s at least TWELVE other business models) and David B of Westpac implied that companies are LESS concerned about advertising in traditional ways now they can engage directly with the consumer. Hallelujah!

    But do tell – who did you meet up with? Cat and I disappeared to have Italian in Surry Hills. And a nice Soave. Yum.

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