I go to these TiE events occasionally; especially when the naughty boy of angelic investments in Australia, Ramin Marzbani is talking. He gets me so mad. lol.

Web2.0 Future of Internet: Innovation+Opportunity:Panel of Leaders Microsoft/Yahoo/News Ltd/Westpac!
Overview: Web2.0: Future of Internet: its impact on Business and Opportunities for Entrepreneurs- Panel Discussions by technology & business leaders from Yahoo, Microsoft, Westpac & News Ltd! Web2.0 offers new opportunities for Innovation by lar …
Date Wednesday, 15 Aug 2007 05:30 PM
David Backley, CTO, Westpac Banking Corp
Gary Cox, Managing Director, News Ltd-Truelocal.com.au
Norbert Haehnel, Director, Developer & Platform Strategy, Microsoft
Willie Pang, Sales Director, Yahoo

Dunno that they will be as much fun as that DebateIT: Blogging is as Useful as Talkback Radio I was talking about in my other post. But. It IS important to hear what *big business* think about Web 2.0 in Australia. So while these guys may not cause the commotion that a knock down, slap happy, snark-fest on linkbaiting and flame-warring, we should still go. Besides they are on different months so we can go to both. Anyone wanna mosey along with me?