1. As the aimia events manager the more I think about VIB passes. The more I like it. 🙂

    I’ll have to do a sign up page somewhere and get the list of bloggers interested. you in? 🙂

  2. Abso-flippin’-lutely. We get shinier passes than the press though – with stickers and little user generated spangles on it.

    Don’t tell the others though, I want it to be just me 🙂

  3. Hey there Laurel,

    I’m coming across the ditch to attend (think I first heard about the event on your blog). Want to get together for a cup of tea or something stronger?

  4. @niall in the fine tradition of in depth blogging that goes right to the heart of pertinent issues, my question is this: tightie whities or boxers? Heh.

    @jye is your band, sonixtrip, any good? I’m a bit more jazz/soul, do you rap and yell at people? *tells people she has diverse musical tastes, but doesn’t really* 🙂

    @kaila sounds lovely, give me a call or email me. 0432 684992 or lpapworth at gmail.com. Or I guess we could organise things here on the bloggy… 🙂

  5. The colour is the aimia purple 😉 hehe, but yes, a nice cyan is very 2.0

    We pulled the site down just before I left for overseas, still due to put it up.

    No rapping, and moderate yelling. If you’ve heard of the aussie band “The Butterfly Effect” from Brisbane, or Linkin Park (with out the rapping) it’s about on 😉 We’re about to start recording shortly. I’ll send you a demo 😉 Pics on my facebook though.

  6. Hey Laurel – come say hi if you’re still around.

    Btw, my name there is a typo in my name (it should be “Nanabhay”)

  7. Hi Mohamed, it was great meeting you and Kevin and the others last night. It’s a shame Media08 spelt your name wrong – I copied and pasted – but I will put a correction in the main post.

    By the way, guys, Niall answered the ‘undies’ question by quoting Barack Obama – something about ‘there are more important questions to ask, but I look good in both!’. heh funny guy(s).

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