Maxine Sherrin from WebDirections just sent me a reminder. Apparently, I’m one of the host/ess with the most/ess tomorrow night at Geek Trivia Night: I have no idea what that entails. Hopefully just floating the room, avoiding the difficult questions such as “what does URL stand for” and looking gorgeous, with chardy in hand.

They’ve been filling fast, but there are still places available at the first Sydney Web Trivia Night on August 9.

Brought to you by News Digital Media and Web Directions, come along to this free night of trivia where you’ll definitely be in with a chance, as all the questions will focus on web, tech and online life.

There’ll be free drinks and food and all manner of awesome prizes, so be sure to RSVP now as numbers are most certainly limited and going fast.

Don’t worry about forming teams or otherwise, this will all get sorted out on the night. Just bring yourself and your friends, and a bag to carry home all your bounty.

What: Geek Trivia Night
When: August 9, from 5.30 for 6.15 start
Who: Anyone who thinks they could have a stab at answering the question “Who invented the internet?”
Where: Downstairs at the Vault Hotel, 122 Pitt St Sydney (Map)

See you there? There’ s not many places left, so RSVP – and bring lots of money – for drinkypoos with moi. Except Megalicious ‘cos I owe her one. Priscilla, will you be there? BTW IF you’re on my team, I’ve got something to say: I ‘edited’ (ok, sabotaged) WikiPedia so that all the obvious questions, that the swots will be studying, will be wrong! YES! I said the internet started in 1066, straight after William the Conq. split for England and that it was Jim Wales-Lee who started the whole HTML thingie. Do you think anyone will notice? Don’t worry, I’ll change it back later, after we win.

If you are not on my team, ignore the preceding. See you there.