Event: Geek Girl Dinners (Sydney)

I’ll be going to this one:

Sydney Girl Geeks Dinner #2, Powered by Google

Sydney Girl Geeks was founded in 2008 in the same spirit of all Girl Geeks Dinner worldwide, to bring together a local group of women technologists, with a primary focus on computer scientists and software engineers. While the group is technically focused, the intention is also to create a supportive community and to have fun!

With Dinner 0 & 1 successfully under their belts, Sydney Girl Geeks invites you to join us for Dinner 2 – happily sponsored by Google. The evening will include a tour of the Google Australia office, some technical talks, and of course – food and drinks. Registration is limited by space, so don’t be evil and register only if you plan on attending and limit yourself to one guest (male or female).


Registration, welcome, food and drinks
Meeting and mingling, more food and drinks


Interesting people are going. BTW if you are male, and want to go, let me know. I’ll find you a woman that might consider taking you along: you are only allowed in as handbags, sorry. Heh.

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  1. I may be just a handbag, but even I know an event invitation needs a date. How’m I gonna find a geekgirl to take me if I dunno when it’s on?

    I know: it’s in the page source somewhere, isn’t it? [starts scanning…]

    All that code-y stuff gives me such a headache. Just a handbag, me.

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