1. This educational session Will be big! Great stuff for certain will come out of this event! Thanks for letting me know there was more to the video interview!

  2. well obviously bloggers are worse when it comes to detail. The toll free # is 1300 656 512

  3. Hi Laurel, Great to hear that you are presenting to my favourite networking group! I rarely get out of the house at night these days! but will make a big effort & hope to see you there — best wishes, Fran M

  4. @DearBraveAnonymous – *shrugs* the fact everything is indented means it comes FROM the Sydney Freelance Journalists Group. A quote is a quote is a quote… Does this mean the journalists are worse at giving out correct information? 🙂

    Unlike traditional formats, I am able to update their incorrect information with the 1300 number – and yes, I tested it. I may have been silly enough to trust the woman who puts the Freelance groups stuff together, but I won’t trust Anonymous, who has no identity or reputation within my social network…

  5. Hi Laurel. I emailed to book a place and got no response, and have just called and they have no idea about this event. I got transferred to two people and then sent to someone’s voicemail (Louisa Graham). Might be worth checking up on!

  6. Some ppl have more luck emailing than ringing. I will try and find out what’s going on… 🙁

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