I was just speaking with someone about Wild Wicked Wanton Women of Web 2.0 in Australia – she’s a journalist, so, like dentists, I can’t reveal her name/face. 😛 – and we chatted about how creative and passionate women are in the Web 2.0 world. And then, golly gosh look, this Digital Beach event rocks up to my inbox from AIMIA. Here are the speakers:

Siimona Reynolds, Creative Director, Love
Davida Whittle, Managing Director, Mark
Allana Dib, Managing Director Pacific, Nielsen//NetRatings
Kierana Ots, Digital Creative Director, Leo Burnett Asia Pacific
Joeline Thomson, Digital Creative Director, Publicis Mojo
Justine Hind, Chief Operating Officer, Downstream
Tomasina Hutton, Interactive Creative Director, Y & R Interactive
Michaela Knox, Creative Director, BADJAR Ogilvy
CraigAnn Quilkey, Senior Art Director, Hothouse
Simone Smith, BWM

Only I changed something, can you tell what it is? (Hint: there’s not really even ONE female presenting).

Ok, I’m sorry, that was naughty of me. And I’m really not a bra-burning feminist. I like my bras: and not to put too fine a point on it, they cost me a fortune. But the temptation to change the ‘blokes on the beach’ to ‘broads on the beach’ was not to be resisted. (If you think this event is worthy of discussion, vote it up at Bloggerati Australia so it hits the front page: if not, don’t. :P). From their spiel:

Get away from the stifling buzz and escape to the tranquillity of Byron Bay as we assemble the creatives who can give your thinking the refresher it needs.

Have Australian agencies sufficiently grasped the digital revolution?
Who is leading the way in the globe & why?

Where have all the ideas gone?
Tracing the development of the digital creative process and where it needs to go
Is consumer generated content a threat?

So if you are a guy and want to discuss digital futures, head to Byron Bay on 19th October. If you are a woman, I suggest you pack a bikini and lotion and practise your fluttering your eyelashes. I won’t judge you. 🙂

But if that isn’t your cup of tea, shall we have Wild Wicked Wanton Women of Web 2.0 evening? Our own shindig on the night, 19th October? Probably CBD Hotel in Sydney? Let’s say: you’ll get 3 minutes to practice presenting your Web 2.0 project to a room full of women cheering you on with a glass of wine in hand. You can have a second run through if there’s time. That’ll get you set up for presenting for real at the next WebJam Presentation Evening which should be soon. You don’t have to present at WebJam, but it’s a great forum to get some more practice at public speaking at tech/marketing events. Seriously, it’s time we acknowledged that while yes, we are part of a team of brilliant people, we are also the creative, entrepreneurial decision makers who can like, be articulate, for y’know, sort of, THREE lousy minutes. With slides/web presentations. C’mon girls, you’ve been working hard, and even if your site is not live (perpetual Web 2.0 Beta got you?) you can give us a run-down in three minutes that won’t reveal your plans for world domination. If you ARE a professonal presenter on user generated content, social media, networks and so on, it’s great opportunity to strut your stuff to an appreciative (if slightly tipsy) audience.

And yes, for those women out of town, let’s organise some synchronicity. I personally don’t care if InSignificant Others turn up. As long as they are in drag. Heh. (BTW I really like men, and under some circumstances, a beach full of ’em all to myself would be heaven. Even if they are all agency types. ) So, we can have a vote on women-only or some men allowed, on the Facebook group. (If you aren’t on Facebook, sorry, but we only have 40-odd members and not enough any money/sponsorship to create a whole social network online that is non-Facebook. Yet. Besides you’d have to join something sooner or later.)

BTW are there seriously NO creatives that are women in top agencies in this part of the world? Can anyone name one that should be part of the Blokes on the Beach speaker set? Just wondering.

Hmmm. This:

Or This?

Decisions decisions. Well, ladies, never let it be said you aren’t challenged to make the really tough choices on this blog!

Gosh, I love stirring the pot. 😀 I think I just heard Cameron Reilly et al sigh with relief that they are off the hook. For once.

Oh and the next time they ask “Where have all the ideas gone?” (see above) we can answer, “swilling back cheap chardy at the local WWWWomen 2.0 event, but thank you for asking“.

Background: 2web and the Digital Gender Divide