1. The “day” sounds interesting 🙂

    I’m afraid I don’t have any idea how to answer your question. But then, that’s why I’ll be coming along to hear you speak … so I can get the answers 🙂

    “lil sis” P

  2. Oh gosh, *pouts* I thought this collaborative 2.0 thing meant I didn’t have to do my own work anymore – I just post up my questions on a blog and wait for the answers to roll in. Maybe I have to wait for 3.0. 😛

    Daaaaave and Miiiiiike will have something to say, betcha. I think the day is a mix of accessibility and technology. Not simply web accessibility (which I know is one of your babies, PrissySissy) but a broader technology accessibility. And for all sorts of consumers. I guess I don’t want to just chuck my standard mobile phone solutions up for discussion. I better put on my thinking cap. *plonks on thinking cap* there, does it suit me? 😛

  3. Ok. First, no, your thinking cap doesn’t suit you. Get a new one.

    Second, is this show media-centric?

    I got some things to say, well, what’s new she says, but I think I’ll write a blog post about it.

    Get back to me about the focus.


  4. I got a real simple idea.
    RSS gives us a profound clue.
    – If every website put out decent RSS anyone could consume content in an ‘accessible’ way
    – If the world followed the OPEN principles which launched podcasting (ie standards based content, NO DRM, free and open licensing) then information would flow more freely and teh world would be a better place.

    Fang – Mike Seyfang

    p.s. Id write a post like Dave but Im feeling crook (what is the date of this event?)

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