1. Hi Laurel,

    I’ve been chairing the PR Summit in Melbourne today, and I’m back doing the same thing tomorrow. I’m glad you haven’t done your presentation either. I promised that I’d have my done today, but like you, it’s not complete. You’ve made me feel a bit less guilty!

    Look forward to meeting you, the other speakers and delegates at the conference!

  2. Pssssst Ross!
    *looks around furtively*
    Slideshare.net is your friend. Just change the backgrounds to their presentations. *winks*

    OOPS. Hi guys…whaaaat? I always attribute! That is, if I remember.

  3. Why do conference organisers think that “presentation” = “slides”? If a speaker’s presentation can be accurately rendered by sending a stack of slides, then what’s the point of the conference? [Rhetorical question] Ooooh, that one presses my buttons!

  4. Laurel, this looks like a really interesting conference and will hopefully make some real inroads into Enterprise 2.0 awareness in Australia (unlike our News Ltd. friends…)

    Pity Ark want the soul of my firstborn to attend…

  5. Pity Ark want the soul of my firstborn to attend… Pffft. Children are cheap. Plenty more where they came from. This conference is a once in a life time opportunity… !

    and… stilgggggy, we was joshin’ 😛

  6. @Laurel: Teh internets is serious and not a toy for your amusement! Stop using it for jokes! 😛

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