I nearly took a job at Blake Dawson Waldron, Lawyers, about, oh, twenty years ago. But that’s beside the point:

Avatars and Agreements

Latest legal developments in marketing.
Making marketing relevant in a consumer-driven world is the challenge for every organisation. Marketers are turning to new media as they look for novel and relevant ways to connect with consumers. Join Blake Dawson Waldron’s intellectual property team for an insight into the legal issues surrounding virtual online communities such as Second Life.

The BigPond experience
Jason Romney, National Manager Commercial Strategy
BigPond, will share Telstra’s experience in developing a presence
on Second Life.
Getting a life on Second Life
We explore the legal issues of virtual online communities
focusing on setting up shop in Second Life: what Second Life
is, how it’s regulated and what are some of the potential legal
issues it raises.
Leveraging your “in world” experiences
To ensure you get the most out of your Second Life or “in world”
marketing activities, you may need to revisit your agreements
with advertising agencies and other third party service providers.
We’ll consider some of the key provisions you should be
including in your marketing agreements.

Melbourne and Sydney dates/signup details here – they like their bloody .pdf’s unfortunately. Speakers include: Peter Chalk, Lisa Ritson, Kellech Smith, Felicity Dougherty, Annika Barrett, Anita Cade. Tuesday 24 July 2007 Melbourne and Wednesday 25 July in Sydney. See you there?