And they say Heritage Media is not dead! Pfft. It’s pretty rough when even the newsreader would rather be on a social media site than read the News:

3AW presenter misses bulletin for Facebook

THE team at 3AW have been instructed to watch their computer usage after the radio station missed an hourly news bulletin because the newsreader was on Facebook. Last Sunday at 4pm the news theme was broadcast but was followed by a series of advertisements.

According to an insider, a producer raced to the newsroom to see what was happening and found the reader on the computer.

By the time the news reader had announced her presence to broadcast the news, most of the six-minute time slot had lapsed, the insider said.

The mix-up also threw Magic 693, and regional stations that take 3AW’s news, into disarray.

“Questions were asked and the reader said she had ‘computer problems’. Further investigations by the IT team found she was on Facebook at the time,” the insider said.

Management at 3AW promptly sent a memo to all staff instructing them to stay off Facebook unless they were using it for research.

3AW management did not return calls on the matter. (Australian IT Megan Miller, Megan McNaught, Jane Metlikovec)

Anyway, let’s blame Facebook and ban access.

Add a friend, lose a boss?

At least she wasn’t reading The Australian IT section or playing solitaire or Minesweeper or on the phone with a girlfriend or reading New Idea or …