1. Nice ideas and strategy particularly for the big corporates where it’s very easy to hide in the background and not contribute to the greater good. Visible rewards via badges and karma gives motivation to most types of users except the deeply reluctant. It would be great if the social karma would then have impact on employee’s promotions opportunies. That means a buy in from HR and upper management and would be the ultimate motivator to become a social employee.

    1. Thankyou Tip. I’ve seen this used in education too, effectively. Usually a big mouth puts in too much and is bossy (like me :p) , the majority do an adequate amount and a few do absolutely zero when it comes to collaborating on a paper. Measuring each persons input starts to equalise the process and truly becomes a meritocracy.
      I’d love to know if behaviours are simply revealed by points systems or if behaviour actually changes. The bored employee suddenly wants the “Most Productive” badge.
      On another note, I loved being a Brownie, and getting Scout badges like “camping” and “rug making”. But I got kicked out before Girl Guides for talking too much. *sad face*

    2. This is a fantastic idea! I love it.
      I was going to say that I work at a small-ish company that it may not work at, but Tiphereth pretty much already summed up what I was thinking about using it in a corporate setting.

  2. This is a well researched and thought out post! Is there an app or plugging that manages these Loyalty programs?

    1. It depends on your CMS Mairia – Joomla, Drupal, WordPress, Elgg etc have the plugins listed above. I’m unaware of an open source, distributed karma points system unless Facebook Credits opens up soon.
      If they do, it’s game over for real world currencies. karma points will effectively becoming a medium of exchange coin. Someone tell the tax department!

      1. That’s cool. So does this mean that we will be able to integrate Facebook credits into our loyalty program? I’ve always struggled with how to pay out cash to either kids, people who don’t have or want to supplier their banking info, issuing invoices and VAT hurdles. It could be the solution. And finally, I wonder if a person will be able to donate their credits, assuming there is a cash value, to charity.

  3. Interesting thoughts. I’ve developed a ‘Checkins for Companies’ SaaS (www.pinpoints.us) but decided to omit badges and points. I may have to revisit that decision I think 🙂

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  13. Great post. It is worth keeping in mind the vast amount of research there is that shows the demotivating effect of extrinsic rewards, especially for any kind of creative task. (Deci et al). This talk by Daniel Pink is well worth watching, it is great summary of what actually motivates us.

    You mention reputation, which is also a great motivator – everyone likes to feel that have some level of importance or status. The more intrinsic motivators you can work with (such as altruism) the better!!

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