The First Place to Look for SPAM and the last place to look for emarketing advice

One of the annoying things about hosting your blog remotely – in my case, on Google’s Blogger/Blogspot – is that I can’t block spam sites. It’s the third time now, that have posted up spam comments on my blog. Tired of removing them.

Anyway, don’t subscribe to eMarketer or have anything to do with them. Spammers are unethical in my book and any advice from by relation, is probably unethical too, in my opinion.

If anyone knows of a way to blacklist links in comments (e.g. to or similar sites), let me know? I know I can “killspam” in other products.

Having said that, notwithstanding, I hardly ever get spam on here. By the way, please link to this post, so that we ambush Google search. needs to learn about eMarketing, bigtime. šŸ˜›

And to – sure you still want to spam my blog?

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