1. eMarketer is most definitely not a SPAM site. My company uses eMarketer research and analysis for a variety of different reason ranging from strategic planning to business development. It is a very reputable firm – just do a google search on eMarketer and see what comes up.

  2. Two things. One, Mr/Ms Anonymous, has to do with profile, identity, trust and reputation. If someone has a profile, they can start to show their identity. As they fill out that identity online, mostly with content, they gain a recognition and trust value. That translates into reputation. Now why on earth would I pay attention to a “marketer” who can’t put his/her name to a post. If you don’t want to register, just sign it -Laurel-

    Secondly, eMarketer got in touch with me, said they would look into the problem and I never heard from them again. The post stays.

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