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Lecture 4: Analytics for Universities and Colleges – Social Media Series

How to measure social media for Universities and Higher Education.

In this lecture on social media for Universities and Higher Education we look at measurement, analytics, insights and other goodies as well as some College case-studies of high number of followers but low engagement and vice versa, plus subscribers vs engagement vs reach vs impressions. Don’t forget to download the Insights/Metrics CSVs!

TOPICS: What should you measure in Social Media as a University? Here are the top ones:

  1. Subscribers
  2. Engagement
  3. Reach
  4. Impressions
  5. Unsubscribes(unlikes)
  6. marketing intelligence (core audiences/target audiences)
  7. When they are online
  8. Storytypes (text vs video)
  9. Long tail (over time)
  10. pixel remarketing (website tags)

Analytics and Insights Resources for #HigherEd #EdTech #EduAu

  • For Twitter analytics go to
  • Facebook Insights are CURRENTLY on the left hand side of the Page. If not there in the future: try creator studio, business suite, business manager or similar.
  • Compare and contrast two Uni FB pages – Insights -> General -> Pages to Add Overview at the bottom
  • Linkedin Tag Manager is in Campaign manager.
  • Canva have a social media planner (create the content then go to the planner and select a date)
  • LinkedIn Company Page analytics

Social Media Marketing Strategy for University, College and HigherEd playlists:

COMMENTS: You can join me in the discussion on the Facebook Livestream, the YouTube LivestreamThe Twitter (Periscope) Livestream and the LinkedIn Livestream and I stream on my personal Facebook if you just want to follow me there. MONDAY 10:45 AM Sydney Time is Social Media NEWS and Thursdays 1pm Sydney time is the Social Media LECTURE series.

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