Lecture 1: Social Media STRATEGY for Universities and Colleges #HigherEducation

This is for Social Media Managers at University and College; Want to know how to write an organisation-wide Social Media Strategy for Higher Education? Not a content calendar, not a risk assessment but an actual strategy? Read on!

TOPICS: social media strategy VS a social media campaign, psychographics and student profile/types, .

Resources for Social Media Strategy for Higher Education #EdTech #EduAu

  • 3:56 Starting the Strategy with Psychographics (Target Audience(s)) e.g Core Audiences for Facebook, Economic Graph for LinkedIn
  • 7:18 and 12:24 Purpose and Values (each audience has a different value to the University and a different need they as students etc need to have met)
  • 8:55 What channel should your College or Uni be on (Facebook Group, LinkedIn Company Page etc)
  • 14:35 Social Media Influencers for University – and Distributed Communication including hashtags.
  • Social Media Lifecycle = student lifecycle. e.g. O-Week for new students, Graduation information.
  • 24:05 Creating a “Voice” and Messaging Style on social media. e.g Sassy, Professional, edgy/interesting, sports, cityslick, jobseeking, bar and bands, networking, vanilla/boring
  • 33:40 Rites of Passage, Rituals, Memes building your content calendar and response diary. gamification and promotions in University marketing.
  • 48:45 Wrap Up
  • The Australian Higher EducationOpens in a new tab. section

Social Media Marketing Strategy for University, College and HigherEd playlists:

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Laurel Papworth

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Social media For Higher Education