Lecture 2: Social Media Marketing for Universities and Colleges – monitoring dashboards

Lecture on social media dashboards that Universities and Colleges could use to monitor, schedule, and distribute content.

In this lecture we go through the tools that Universities can use for social media (free and paid) as well as tips and strategies.

TOPICS: social media monitoring including Feedly, Twitter lists for Universities, finding/searching for Twitter lists, Hootsuite and Bufferapp for College comms, Higher Education newspaper sections for monitoring, using Creator Studio (Facebook and Instagram) as direct channels and talking through the key points of monitoring, distribution, scheduling, analytics. Using tools for industry leadership and news, for crisis comms and issues management, for jobs and more.

Resources for #HigherEd #EdTech #EduAu

Social Media Marketing Strategy for University, College and HigherEd playlists:

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