It’s intriguing that Slideshare (YouTube for Powerpoint presentations) has collected on it’s main ‘spotlight’ page the powerpoint presentations you probably want to see if you are interested in the economy/fiasco.

Google Q3 2008 Earnings Slides

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I recommend to clients to get together social media assets they might have lying around anyway – old presentations, old ads (check licencing), old recordings of speeches, quarterly earnings reports, and invest in some time in placing them up on the ‘net. Google on this one are explaining their ‘hedge’ strategies. I struggle to understand ‘hedging’ – I figure it has to do with ‘hedging your bets’ but Wikipedia sorted me out.

eBay 2008, Q3 Earnings

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ebay here and …

Yahoo First Quarter.

I won’t put up any more as Slideshare can be challenging to load times on a page. But I think you can see where this is going. In simple, easy, graphical form, you can go through all the charts and numbers, in one place for companies. Normally you’d rely on the Financial pages to do an analysis for you, but now you can dip in and out of leading companies figures quite easily.

What patterns did you see? In these presentations I mean. Here’s 30 Slides on Credit Crisis competition. I’m not sure we should have a competition on such a subject – heh – but it’s intriguing to see what people will do with 30 powerpoint slides to educate others on the current financial downturn.