1. Great concluding point, I think it’s important that these changes in purpose are driven by the users themselves and supported by the organisation behind it.

  2. Not to mention eBay shutdown quite a number of eBay Partner Network affiliates base on the reasoning that they don’t generate “good” traffic.

  3. eBay has really lost the plot.
    People shopped there because it was part shopping, part game. Their “big game” campaign that recently ran on broadcast tv and on billboard ads reinforced that.

    Now, after alienating buyers and sellers by trying to force PayPal down their throats and taking away sellers’ rights to ID fraudulent buyers, they’re dumping the game element and alienating auction sellers to take on Amazon AND Google shopping? Wow. Seems like a New Coke move to me.

  4. If you wrote it, how come Crikey is monetising access to your article? Interesting finding this post 5 years down the track. Ebay doesn’t look much smaller to me than it was 5 years ago. Flickr was a game?

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