1. Hi Laurel,

    eBay quit “looking after the little guy” a long, long time ago. It is in a war to eliminate Taobao (China’s eBay) and will stop at nothing, which is why Chinese sellers get free listings and a multitude of other benefits. What’s worse is that the Chinese Government appear to be subsidising the destruction of other countries’ online small biz, by paying for postage on small items up to a certain dollar amount. So Chinese sellers can manufacture, package and post an item into Australia for $1 that you or I would be charged $5 or more to send via Registered Post here!!!

    As someone who has operated successfully in the past on eBay and with other online ventures (and love doing so), I can assure you the game has changed. And not for the better. With the Chinese listings swamping our local market, job losses locally equating to less consumer spending and more price-focused bargain hunting, the environment is not healthy. Finding niche markets just got a hell of a lot tougher and now we have to contend with the bigger players throwing a lot of money into the pit to grab market share.

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