Ok I’m impressed – the UK had to hand out 10mill to get local gov to do what my old home town council had done. Ok they could go further in creating a local community, but still… streets ahead of many other local pollies offerings. Go! Go! Go! Onkaparinga!

Community Home Pages
Need a little help getting your Community Groups information onto the World Wide Web?

Council is now providing eligible Community Groups with a resource through which groups can promote their group’s services and facilities on the World Wide Web. This facility includes the ability for groups to maintain their own pages.

To find out more please read the Terms and Conditions of Membership via the link located on this page and if you would like to register your interest access the Community Groups directory where you will find a registration form.
This is a free service provided by the City of Onkaparinga

Free huh? Cool. Now if only they had forum where locals could complain about changes to parking meters, access to amenities and have a general whinge…