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Dreaming of Beach Holidays

Posted: 10 Jun 2008 12:22 AM CDT

With the winter weather upon us, it seems Australians are looking to escape the cold with a Queensland holiday rather than making the most of the snow fields, with searches for ‘dreamworld’, ‘hamilton island’, ‘australia zoo’, ‘gold coast accommodation’ and ‘movie world’ appearing amongst the top 30 search terms referring traffic to the Travel – Destinations and Accommodation industry during the 12 weeks ending 07/05/2008. Comparatively, during the same period only 3 ski holiday terms appeared, namely ‘thredbo’, ‘perisher blue’ and ‘mt buller’. Now you know.

Thank you Hitwise. *goes off to dream about beaches and warm weather*

If you were looking for a beach holiday where would you go for advice? Ask a family member? Wander into a travel agent during your lunch break? Google “beach holiday” (or better yet “best beach holiday”?) Put it up as a question on Facebook, Twitter or Plurk as your distribution mechanism. Randomly flick through Flickr photos? Or blog the question? Heh. Actually blogging is the least effective – Facebook, Twitter have better viral touch points.

So where would you go on a beach holiday? *hunts around for her swimming costume* I think I better get back to the gym…