I got me a lunch date (via ebay), but the price is a bit steep. Its for 4 people, so we could, y’know, maybe pay like 6 grand (ouch) each? Shame, I’d rather have lunch with Mr. M than Keanu, Harrison or Brad. Don’t you just think he’d have the sexiest brain? Yep, a great opportunity to talk to my mate Rupie about user generated content and citizen journalism and online communities in the Australian context. Maybe we can get the price down if we go to Maccas?

eBay Bidding Begins for Rupert Murdoch Lunch
Bidding begins this evening on the eBay auction of a lunch date with media mogul Rupert Murdoch.
As NewsMax reported earlier, Murdoch is offering the lunch on the Internet site to raise money for the Jerusalem College of Technology.
The winning bidder will be treated to lunch with four friends at the New York headquarters of Murdoch’s News Corp.

Actually, forget about it, he should be bidding to have lunch with me. I’m worth it… actually how much IS lunch with me worth? Post here – and yeah *sighs* you can be as rude as you like…