Digital radio or podcasting

You can either read Hon Helen Coonan’s speech about Digital Radio and … gosh!

As with digital television, with digital radio, the national interest is paramount. We must ensure that localism, access and diversity as well as general content standards, are safeguarded in the new digital medium.

and oops

Critically, digital radio cannot currently provide the same level of coverage as analogue AM and FM services in regional areas.

and oh dear!

Obviously a 6 year moratorium will disappoint those broadcasters operating outside the BSB who are also interested in providing digital radio services. I am referring here particularly to the section 40 broadcasters.
Section 40 licences are designed to encourage commercial services through new and emerging technologies.

…or you can go join Yahoo!’s beta podcasting service.

When you enter the world of podcasting, you’re stepping into a realm where anyone and everyone can have a voice and broadcast their opinions and imagination to the world. Have fun exploring, and perhaps you too may feel the urge to become a podcaster. If you do, it’s easy.

’nuff said >.<

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