Twenty four hours for shock and disbelief and hugging around the virtual campfire. Then the jokes start:

Steve Irwin jokes:
Steve Irwin wouldn’t have died had he been wearing sunscreen – it would’ve protected him from the harmful rays.

The song played at Steve’s funeral will be “Don’t Stand So Close to Me” by Sting.

Steve arrives at the pearly gates and sees St Peter.”Crikey,” he says, “Look at the wings on you! Massive!”St Peter proceeds to ask him his name, address, date of birth and all that jazz.He punches the data in the heaven computer and suddenly an alarm sounds.”Oh dear, Mr Irwin,” St Peter says, “It seems we have a problem. Your booking is downstairs not up here.””Crikey!” Steve says again. “Can I ask what for.”St Peter shows Steve the read out on the computer screen.”No, no, no, no, mate. There’s been a mistake,” Steve says.”Oh and what’s that?” St Peter asks.”I’ve mucked around, played with and kissed lots of CROCKS, CROCKS, C-R-O-C-K-S… it should have an a r in it.”

Death, where is thy sting? Aaaaaah FUCK!!!! There it is.

Stolen from Cultural Strain (australian popular culture – now in blog form!). If it is true blue Aussie, shouldn’t it be called Cultural Cringe? Ah, a quibbling point.

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