Sitepoint have these design competitions, and occasionally, one like this one, which is social networking/web 2.0 focussed. What does a web 2.0 logo look like by the way? I think I read it has a reflection and a wet look? Probably with the word BETA underneath? Does anyone have a better definition? what does web 3.0 logos look like? Dry and reverse image? LOL From sitepoint page:

Design Brief: Professional Logo for Online Rewards Site and Social Network – $150 – Possibility for more work to winner


Looking for a logo for IboVibe(currently under development), an online ratings and rewards system for sales reps within the direct selling industry. Reps (independent business owners) get rated and rewarded based on participation in the system. Site will be a social network for sales reps.

Logo should have a fun, professional look but still have that twist that makes it stand out. Some thoughts of ours were maybe placing some emphasis on the term vibe (meaning good feeling, good place to be) and reps to gether or hanging out. Definitely want the logo to be simple yet represent the two key aspects of the name – IBO(independent business owners) and vibe(meaning good feeling, good place to be). Open to color suggestions for this one.

While we stated those initial ideas above, PLEASE FEEL FREE to offer up your own suggestions even if contrary to our own ideas. We are here because we want the input of this design community and respect the ideas of all of you. Any other ideas ypou may have will be welcome.

And also, I know it’s been done a thousand times but we would like to see some web 2.0 versions of the logos. We know it maybe just a trend right now but we would still like to see examples.

There will also definitely be the possibility of more work to the winner as we continue to build out this brand and further the development of the site. (business cards, pre-launch advertising, etc)

Website, Trademark or Brand Name: ibovibe

Desired Color Scheme: open to suggestions

Desired File Formats: EPS (Illustrator) Format

Payment Methods Offered:

  • PayPal

Desired Style:

Logo should have a fun, professional look but still have that twist that makes it stand out (a little hip). A little contemporary and modern looking to follow that whole web 2.0 trend (maybe not – you tell us)

I wish I could design things. Make things pretty I mean. and what would an independent business owners ‘vibing’ social network logo look like? A shop cuddling up to other shops? Dancing letters? See, told you I can’t design.

Not related to IBOVibe (I assume) but for comparison: here’s Vibe Australia:

The one is more or less the same but in black. C’mon – you can do better. For example I just know Erietta could – while standing on one leg, crossing her eyes, text JoXS and playing with the office cat.
Anyway, good luck, if you win it, you can buy me a humungous margarita with your winnings (which are in American dollars, I think). Lucky you?! šŸ™‚