1. Laurel, the problem with user generated classifieds is similar to the ratio you raised in an earlier post – 90:9:1 – unless you’re interested in the content, you don’t post. Ebay’s craigslist etc all have economies of scale because they’re international – as Ross Dawson keeps saying – Australia has a long way to catch up with the rest of the world – and this applies to classified sites as well.
    Perhaps you could link the declassifieds to some kind of social networking system?

  2. A couple of years ago, we fit into the 100:0:0 rule – 100% eyeballs to content created by our lords and masters. Give us time. 😛

    Economies of scale? nah I beg to differ. Craigslist serviced San Fran – and only SF – for 4 years. Consumers create social networks small and niche. Sounds like a presentation to a traditional media company to me – using trad. media models. Not social network models. Doubtful it would work today, and nope, not tomorrow as Web 3.0 throws those “economies of scale” right out the window. That’s where I’m trying to prepare people now…not chasing the MySpace scale of 2bucks-a-head-advertising stream.

    And you silly goose, of course I meant ‘declassifieds is linked with social networks.’ I only write about social networks. And going out drinking and shopping and what’s on TV. 😛

  3. Classifieds is absolutely where it is at. And someone is going to make a lot of money from selling a successful model and execution of it to one of the rich and powerful incumbents. It might as well be you, Laurel!http://w

  4. We too have noticed how “classifieds aren’t moving quickly enough into Web 2.0 collaborative content”, particularly in Australia. This is exactly why we have started developing a social classifieds website for Australia using Googles Friend Connect open social API.

    I’m very keen to see how this site will perform in Australia, were very weary not to overdo it here because we can see it has a lot of potential to overkill and oversell the concept

    The project name is ibuyandsell.com.au, because were not creative enough at the moment to come up with anything better and it has a few little adv. SEO wise…

    Stay tuned in early 2010 for the launch of the beta site

    Our main focus for content to kick us off will be you guessed it automotive inventory.

    Stay tuned in early 2010

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