1. Yeah. What to say hey? I mean really. It’s only my fervent belief in Karma that prevents me from working myself up into a lather over an incident like this. This guy just doesn’t “get it”. If he was Australian he’d be a young liberal (my way of saying someone who recognises or understands a system enough to exploit it, without having any real understanding of the implications of what they are doing).

  2. There’s something about that guy that reminds me of a trader (stock) in Victoria. I forget his name, starts with M I think, who writes to old people and offers them a low price for their shares. Amazingly they get confused, don’t check the real price and sell to him. It’s not illegal but it just plain sucks.

    On the ‘net, TRUST is more powerful than MONEY. Given that money was originally a way of trusting another person, and establishing a common value, we’re back to square one.

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