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I was asked on the ABC Radio last night (will link if/when there is a podcast link) to talk about Second Life and … relationships. I ended up describing how to buy a “boy bit or a girl bit” (yep, my words, unfortunately) in Second Life and how they come with animations.

… to the mirth of the Twitterati who were following the whole thing live on the ‘net. *sighs*

I did learn something from doing a radio show: I’m used to answering questions factually and to the point and briefly with a few statistics. Clearly that is not what is needed – next time, if I ever do it again, I’ll ramble on, waxing lyrical about… well, about boob jobs and sex warehouses in Second Life’s Amsterdam area.

In the meantime, I’m not responding to anyone who calls me @silkcharm SilkCharm: Queen of Cybersex. Do. You. Hear. Me???

Thanks to @fanbloodytastic for dobbing me into the ABC, and for @dnwallace who was also on the show and did a great job of bringing everything back under control *snickers*

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