Pixellated video (itunes not youtube) on ipod touch

*cries* why is my iPod Touch doing this? It’s sort of pixellated and colored red/blue when it should be black. So this video is Rihanna singing Umbrella – a black and white video. But you can see – her dark hair is now blue and red. Anything in black seems to be affected. Plus there is a slippage – the video shifts 1/2 an inch to the right and the thing that should be the most-right on the screen is now the most left. Very disconcerting wraparound effect. Anyone know what’s causing it – btw that is a downloaded iTunes video, not crappy wifi YouTube connection. I did a complete scrub and restart – it was fine for about 10 minutes. When I tried the video again, an hour or so later, it was corrupted. Not only that video but all videos. Fotos seem to be fine though.

These people seem to have the same error on MacRumours. Any ideas? C’mon, one of you lot has to be a smartypants…

EDIT/FIX: Ok what seems to be the issue is that I have been putting my iPod Touch to sleep, not restarting it. Or else doing a complete wipe. This from the Apple site. “To turn it off, press and hold the Sleep/Wake button until the red slider appears. Slide your finger across the slider to turn off iPod touch.” Worked for me. Videos working now…. off to bed with me so I can watch vids and listen to music. ‘night. 🙂

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